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Effective web design must provide an intuitive user experience. Forethought, design and execution will provide the optimal experience your users demand for their busy, on the run lifestyle. The power of the web is in their hands – we help develop the experience they expect your brand to deliver.

Nearly almost everyone will say they can create a website for your brand. However, website creation and website design are two completely different things. One client put it to us this way, “I can make dinner but I can’t make a really good dinner complete with a great dining experience.” That is where Marketicity comes in. Clients rely on us for web design that is far beyond colors, images and some copy.

Our web designers start with your brand. What does it stand for, who you are trying to target and what do you want them to do when they get to your site. However, impactful website creation means including an SEO and content rich foundation. Search engines and customers have to be able to find your site first. (Be sure to read more in our SEO services section.)

With the brand, SEO and content essentials covered, web design begins. For non e-commerce sites, our website design team creates websites that are built on the WordPress platform. This platform allows for sites to be scaled and customized to meet clients needs. All of our sites are responsive in nature, meaning that they are designed for optimal viewing on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This ensures an optimal user viewing experience and eliminates the need to ‘pinch and expand’ to view content. For our ecommerce customers we have you covered too and use the Magento platform.

Whether e-commerce or informational, large or small, when launched, our website creations allow client the flexibility to update the site on their own. We provide the training to make this happen and the support for updates and maintenance that may arise.

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