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Reaching the highly coveted page one ranking is a lofty goal but an achievable one. Through website analysis and category review a specific plan is developed. With patience, dedication and hard work, higher organic rankings can be realized for your brand, service or product. Let us help position your brand to reach a more qualified search audience.

“I’m frustrated with my search engine rankings. Can you help and how do you do it?” This is a common question from clients seeking to achieve higher SEO rankings. First of all, there is no magic search engine optimization button. Achieving better rankings is a combination of multiple factors. During a recent seminar, an industry professional indicated Google’s ‘Popularity” formula includes: number of links to a site, age of domain, click through rates, dwell time, mobile friendliness, addition of new and original content, frequency of addition of new and original content and other formulas and algorithms. What makes achieving higher website rankings even more challenging is that the algorithms used by search engine is contently changing. Some reports list these changes at more than 1x per day. It is tough to win a game where the ‘rules’ change so frequently.

With so many factors playing a role in organic website ranking results, we utilize a number of tools to assist in achieving optimal results. One such tool is a website keyword ranking chart. Once produced, we can go to work ensuring that each page is tweaked to include very specific keywords. Keywords that are at the cross section of customer search terms, frequency of search terms and identifying the specific page to place these terms. This along with page naming, tagging and other factors is where optimal results and rankings can be achieved. SEO services do require patience as influencing search engine results will take time and effort.

When clients see the unbranded keywords used in searches surrounding their brand, service or product, compared with searches they are actually showing up in, the variance can be staggering. In some instances this can be as high as ‘not ranking’ in 99% of organic searches. Can your company afford that many missed opportunities?

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