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Assisting in managing brands and outward bound messaging is vital for many clients. These efforts ensure proper facts and critical brand information are routed to customers through media and other outlets. Managing this process for clients allow them to focus on day-to-day tasks with the assurance their voice is being heard.

Many clients insist that they will ‘make the time’ to develop the outward bound content that is required to help move their brand forward. However, more often than not, clients come back to the team at Marketicity and ask that we assist in this vital step of staying in touch with their target, media and opinion leaders. It isn’t that they do not want to, quite to the contrary. The simple fact is that they realize the need to hire a professional PR firm to handle this daily or weekly content development requirement as their time is stretched too thin to regularly and effectively do this.

Supplying this type of service for clients is key to the constant development of important and relevant information their clients are looking for. Additionally, the content developed for these initiatives is almost always repurposed within other outreach mediums including newsletters, blogs, SM posts, etc. As a public relations consultant for clients, we are keenly aware of their brand, positioning, messaging, industry and competitive set.

Media relations are another key component we provide to specific clients. Content development and dissemination is one thing but effectively being their proxy with the media is another. This includes conversations, pitching stories and follow-up to submitted information.

For a PR Firm, their daily purpose is strictly centered on the process of creating coverage for clients for free, rather than paid advertising. At Marketicity, we take a holistic approach to the integration of marketing and publicity – after all, it is where we got our name.

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