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Whether traditional print advertising or digital media such as banner ads, mobile advertising or ads in social media, the goal is the same – we help clients reach customers, potential customers and prospects with a memorable message that draws them closer to their brand… and action.

While it is true that a number of large businesses have completely migrated their print advertising budgets to digital placements due to cost effectiveness, reach, geographic targeting and convenience, print still maintains its position as a highly powerful and important component of many influential brands strategies.

Traditional print campaigns still hold many advantages over its digital counterparts. These include:Tangibility: Print is a physical device. Print advertisements, magazine advertisements, direct mail and other pieces can have a shelf life of weeks, months and even years.
Legitimacy: Print ads to a sense of credibility. We have all heard the phrase before and it still holds true today “there it is in black and white.” This still holds true today.
Branding – Well crafted print ads that reinforce a product or service and truly move that brand forward in the consumer’s eye. For many products and services, print provides the opportunity to reinforce the look, feel, colors, attitude and essentials of their brand in a tangible medium.
Demographic Targeting – It is true that news paper and magazine subscriptions are declining with some demographics. However, there are highly desirable segments that still rely upon these vehicles. These targets may be more effectively reached vs. online.
Higher Engagement – Readers engage more when reading printed materials. Studies show websites are often skimmed in as little as a 15 second visit. Print vehicles provide the opportunity to gain a quick glimpse of the entire paper, publication, direct mail piece, etc and decide where to start and how to absorb content on their terms.

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