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Packaging that stands out on the shelf seldom stays on the shelf. As your final interaction with consumers prior to purchase your packaging will be the realization of the brand.

All of the time, effort, hard work, coordination, research, product development and brand positioning come together in the packaging the customer ultimately picks up off of the shelf or orders on line. Considerations that go into creative packaging development including size and shape, color, closure, outside appearance, protection and economy, convenience, labeling, and the packaging material’s effect on the environment. Many brands and consumers who purchase them demand packaging designed to be unique and something they can relate too.

For brands that are leaders in their category, package design companies are a highly valuable member of the launch team. We take that confidence to heart and utilize our research partners to gather and access consumer input to ensure that designs resonate and connect with consumers as intended.  To the team at Marketicity and our clients, it is a process step vital to an optimal outcome.

The importance of appropriate and engaging packaging must also meet the high standards of another important customer – the retailer.  For retailers, shelf space is viewed as real estate and maximizing the revenue that can be generated by that shelf space is key. Taking pricing, margins and other financial models out of the equation, the packaging will be the highest scrutinized element to the retailer. Does the packaging not only look when standing alone but also when it is placed in a shelf set with competitors all around it? We never look at packaging on its own. It is always evaluated by its ability to stand out when placed in a true sales environment.

Our designers do more than ‘dabble’ in product packaging.  We understand the three-dimensional nature of package design that separates it from other creative disciplines.

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