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Clients depend on us to provide audiences with a stronger understanding of their brand, product or services. By sharing in-depth content, to pre-qualified targets, you are building one-to-one relationships with your customers and potential customers. Best of all, email marketing drives site visits, inquiries and can deliver special offers. You have been invited into their inbox on a regular basis; we help you make the most of it.

We are often asked would my company benefit more from an e-newsletter or a blog. The correct answer is ‘yes’. Here is why. Email campaigns and e-newsletters are being sent to a select group of people – your customers who have opted-in to receive e-newsletters from you. Opted-in is the key phrase. E-newsletters should never be broadcast to a bought list. Only those you have met and are your existing contacts. Blogs on the other hand sit in their own space on your website. To be as effective as possible, both mediums should feature keywords and phrases from your SEO investment to ensure content resonates with the reader.

An email marketing service is typically used to broadcast e-newsletters. These are very powerful platforms that provide unparalleled reporting capabilities. They allow brands to track who has opened the e-newsletter, how often and the links clicked. All vital information if used to reach out and engage readers as a lead generation tool. Additionally, brands are encouraged to utilize links to targeted landing pages (TLPs), special offers (specific to that article) and other ‘calls to action’ to increase responsiveness.

Our team of skilled writers produce blogs for a number of clients on a monthly basis. Unlike email marketing companies, our goal is broader and more holistic – to develop new and original content that is optimized for the brand which can serve multiple purposes. Once placed in the blog / news section of the website, content is indexed by search engines which help overall site rankings plus, it can be re-purposed for placement on other lead generation mediums including social media and e-newsletters. And so the circle continues.

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