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Sales Brochures, Presentation Materials, Sell Sheets, Folders, Annual Reports

Clear and concise collateral are essential assets in every companies marketing toolbox – especially when you cannot be in front of the customer. Creating business materials that highlight our client’s products and services has been the difference between getting the order and no order at all.

These days, there is a heavy emphasis place on the digital and social footprint of a brand – and rightly so – however, marketing collateral materials remain an integral part of many companies’ strategic and comprehensive assets. The key is to develop these collateral materials in a manner that is useful and helpful for the user. Print collateral of today is much different from that of even five years ago. Today’s consumer absorbs information much more quickly and in smaller snippets – browsing headlines, looking for key terms and through quick glances.

Developing sales collateral or business collateral which is appealing, inviting, intuitive and segmented to deliver the maximum amount of information as quickly as possible is our approach. We create and deploy incredibly useful, compelling marketing collateral including brochures, sell sheets, product sheets, direct mail, internal information guides, fliers, fact sheets, press releases, etc. When designed, printed and placed properly, these print collateral can be as impactful and effective as many “cutting-edge” tactics, depending on the target audiences habits, needs and behavior.

The advent of one-to-one marketing and digital printing have opened up an entire new world of opportunity and usefulness for sales collateral. Gone are the days of ‘one-size fits all’ materials. Technology has allowed us to develop highly impactful and creative business collateral for clients in much more frequent and cost effective manner.

We also explore and employ the benefits and abilities to print on various substrates. The impact marketing collateral can have when presented on a unique substrate like sheer cloth, fabric, Plexiglas, nylon, various paper and plastic stock are deep and long lasting. We are a society that loves to touch, experience and interact. Why not use this to your advantage when connecting with your customers. Are these materials more expensive? Well, something is only expensive if it doesn’t work.

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