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Every brand is different. Every brand has a story. Most importantly, every brand must have a distinctive look, feel and reason for being in the customers mind. At Marketicity, we are branding experts who have help some of the biggest brands on the planet and local brands develop their brand identity.

Our clients count on us to help them “own” a marketing niche for their brand, product, or service. Using proven tools of brand design, we have successfully developed and implemented their brands. For us, it is a highly collaborative process. The key to success is getting participation, engagement and buy-in from the brands key stakeholders at the outset. If key decision makers, or those who have the full confidence of these decision makers are not on the same page, successful brand identity design can be elusive. Crafting and designing brand identity for some brands is easy. For some brands teams it is a longer process. Regardless of time buy-in and passion for the best possible outcome are key.

The fact is, brand positioning will occur with or without proactive guidance from company leaders, brand managers and marketing teams. If stakeholder don’t develop it, customers will through a brands promotions, packaging, competition, web presence, social media presence, employees, etc. Ultimately, every brand, product or service WILL have a brand identity. We help clients by developing the brand positioning to ensure it truly reflects who and what that brand ultimately stands for.

With the brand positioning and brand identity in place, the excitement builds and the real fun begins. A company can only outperform rivals if it can establish a difference it can preserve and live into on a daily basis. Living into a brand positioning and brand identity means the brand must:

  1. Know it’s competition and ensure that it’s “space” branding is unique – both physically and in the mind of the consumer
  2. Reinforce the positioning across all internal and external communication points
  3. Gain buy-in from all persons associated with the brand – from CEO to CSR
  4. Deliver on the promise being made to consumers.

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