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The Sazerac Company

The Sazerac Company operates nine distilleries, is in 112 countries, is one of the two largest spirits companies in the US and remains the nation’s largest family-owned distilled spirits marketer. With active and successful brands in every major spirits category, the company portfolio includes approximately 300 brands.

Moving The Brand Forward…

Brand awareness, volume growth and consumer pull summarize the straight forward objectives that encompass our goals as we work with both established brands and new product launches. With heavy competition for ‘share of voice’ in a market that is growing exponentially with the entry of regional and craft producers, our goal is to generate unique positioning for brands. Whether utilizing promotional windows, seasonal efforts and/or shopper marketing strategies, our efforts inform the salesforce, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers of programs for various brands. Marketicity was brought in to help develop and refresh B2B sales and presentation materials. With that task successfully completed, we now provide highly unique and strategically sound creative executions that speak directly to consumers at point-of-purchase and keep our client’s brands at the forefront of customers’ minds.

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