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Beck Flavors

Beck Flavors is an industry leader in the area of creating unique flavor concepts and successfully applying them for nationally recognized brands in the coffee, beverage, dairy and pharma categories. The Beck team of certified flavorists, technicians and food scientists provide solutions that meet and exceed, not only customer expectations, but also consumers’ expanding flavor expectations.

Moving The Brand Forward…

Beck’s creativity, versatility and focus on the customer are uniquely refreshing. They maintain a laser-like focus on helping clients expand flavor options and sales. Marketicity worked closely with Beck to provide monthly outreach, in the form of a digitally delivered newsletter that provided key flavor trends and category insights. Delivering information with charts, infographics, iconography and minimal copy that could be absorbed in an “at a glance” manner was the focus of the monthly “Flavor Trends” communication. With the client and agency sifting through mountains of information, it provided recipients a valued resource tool that helped guide ideation and product development decisions. Adhering to strict timing, the piece is now a highly anticipated communication from the brand to its customers. Additionally, Marketicity helped Beck develop a highly unique, self-repeating sales brochure plus a show-stopping trade booth for SCAA, the nation’s largest coffee tradeshow. The laboratory-style booth allowed attendees to develop their own custom flavors while simultaneously learning about the intricacies of the flavor development process.

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