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Bankhead Orthodontics

Bankhead Orthodontics is one of the most respected orthodontic practices in the region and has six offices in the greater St. Louis area. The attention to detail, personal touch and desire to give each patient the best possible treatment outcome is at the core of what they deliver every day for every patient.

Moving The Brand Forward…

Work began with interviewing the doctors, staff and even patients which helped provide a full understanding of the unique approach at the center of each patient’s care plan. The next step was differentiating the practice from other orthodontic providers, including dental offices who provide treatment. For the Bankhead team, treatment is not a one size fits all. They view each individual case to determine what specific approach to treatment will provide the best possible outcome. As one of the doctors put it: “Just because you own a hammer doesn’t mean you can build a house”. This led to the development of a new positioning for the brand, “Experts in the ART of Orthodontics.” This new positioning was incorporated into multiple tactics including: direct mail, web, digital campaigns, videos and social media.

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